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If you want to do laser hair removal treatment, but you are full of doubts, you should learn more about our treatments and choose the best for yourself.

DIY hair removal cannot remove body hair permanently. Body hair normally regrows in a week. Besides, frequent shaving and plucking may hurt your follicles and even cause ingrown hair or folliculitis; and the process of Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal causes discomfort or pain, which is also a non-permanent hair removal method. At the current stage, only laser hair removal brings permanent and thorough results.

The most suitable for yellow-skinned, black-haired Asians is the 755nm laser wavelength, but to achieve the best laser hair removal effect, it is also necessary to cooperate with the dual-effect wavelength combination and the strongest cooling system. MediLASE has the unique GentleMax Pro Plus™ and PRO-U Laser Technology, which not only has (1) the world’s largest 26mm head, (2) 2ms pulse duration and (3) 755nm and 1064nm best dual-effect wavelength combination, but also equipped with (4) “upgraded” intelligent cooling system, which is the only gold combination of laser hair removal technology with dual-effect wavelength equipment in Hong Kong. Therefore, in terms of hair removal effect, efficiency and safety, it is the industry’s No.1.

MediLASE’s unique laser hair removal technology, GentleMax Pro Plus™ x PRO-U Laser Technology, is equipped with an “upgraded” PRO-U intelligent cooling system that sprays nebulizer before the laser is emitted, instantly cooling the epidermis without affecting the reception of laser energy to the hair follicles. After that, the focal COOLING will take away the remaining warmth, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic, the whole process has zero pain and will only feel the cold spray brushing the skin.

As laser hair removal is one of the high-energy aesthetic treatments, professional cooling methods is needed to cool down the epidermis. These are the common cooling methods provided by the laser hair removal centres:

Traditional methods include applying ice bags, soothing cream, or blowing cold air. Applying ice bags could reduce the painfulness of the skin, but it could also freeze our body, which makes us uncomfortable. Besides, this could hamper follicles from absorbing laser energy, which affects the effectiveness of hair removal and may even cause pigmentation. While applying soothing cream or blowing cold air cannot provide full protection for the epidermis, these methods might easily cause burns.

Currently, Duo Cooling System is the most advanced cooling technology. It helps to cool down the epidermis without hampering follicles to absorb the laser energy and attains a thorough hair removal result. MediLASE is adopting the most advanced Upgraded version of PRO-U EPID COOLING SYSTEM, with the exclusive FOLLICLE COOLING in Hong Kong, which not only boosts skin restoration and soothes the treated area, but also ensures the safety of doing laser hair removal, and achieves thorough hair removal results.

Laser hair removal is one of the high-energy aesthetic treatments. According to medical reports, people with congenital conditions or special living habits, might not be suitable for doing laser hair removal treatments. Therefore, without stringent hair, skin and body evaluation before starting the treatment, allergies, burns, pigmentation or scars might be incurred.

To provide a safe high-energy laser hair removal treatment for customers, MediLASE has launched the brand new PRO-U ANALYZER (PUA) in 2017. Through a 4-step scientific laser evaluation in 30 minutes, we can ensure if the customer is suitable to do laser hair removal treatment. And at the same time, to personalize the most suitable laser energy for customers with the least treatments needed under safety standards.

MediLASE exclusive laser hair removal technology – GentleMax Pro Plus™ x PRO-U Laser Technology, is the only technology in Hong Kong that comes with the 4 combos, including (1) 755nm and 1064nm Best Duo Wavelength Combo, 2) 2ms pulse duration, (3) 26mm spot size and (4) the upgraded PRO-U Epid Cooling System. Scientifically proven that 4-6 treatments can completely remove body hair.

Before treatment: You will be doing a professional hair and skin evaluation – MediLASE PRO-U ANALYZER (PUA). Through a 30 minutes 4-step scientific laser evaluation, you will know if laser hair removal treatment is suitable for you. You will also be provided a personalized laser energy setting, to ensure having the best results with the least treatments needed under safety standards.

Before and after treatment: Do not expose to the sun, perform outdoor activites or vigorous exercises like swimming within 2 weeks. You are also advised to provide intensive moisturing for the treated areas. If you have taken any medicine or supplements during the treatment, you should seek advice from your consultant to ensure your safety.

MediLASE exclusive laser hair removal technology – GentleMax Pro Plus™ x PRO-U Laser Technology, is the best combo of laser hair removal. Both technologies are recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (CE), and proven that they help remove dark hair thoroughly without damaging the skin. Besides, MediLASE has achieved over three hundred thousand positive reviews in 8 years, which breaks the monopoly of the laser hair removal market, and becomes the No.1 preferred laser treatment brand in Hong Kong.


No cancellations or modifications can be made once the order is confirmed. If you have purchased a treatment with duplicate body parts, you can change it to other body parts at the same price, or fill up the price difference. All online orders are non-refundable.

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After confirmation of your E-Shop order, you will receive your referral code. By sharing it to your friends and family, they can enjoy special discounts on E-Shop. You will receive your referral reward – one FREE session of Upper Lip Hair Removal Treatment once they have made a successful order with your referral code.

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