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In MediLASE, we never compromise on skin perfection, painless treatment and customer care. We only choose the most avant-garde medical-grade devices and operate safely under strict protocol with well trained laser specialists.Our friendly and professional teams continuously perform not only customer satisfaction, but also empower our customers to achieve their desirable goals in life, all these made MediLASE the No. 1 preferred laser removal brand* in Hong Kong.

Exclusive in Hong Kong
1+1 Best Hair Removal Combo
for 360° Flawless Skin

Every woman is different and one size couldn’t fit all. MediLASE is committed to offering personalized treatment for your individual needs and goals. A scientific procedure is designed to understand your skin texture, hair condition and hair removal experience, so that each customer would have their own MediLASE journey to 360° flawless skin.

Works best on thick and dark hair
GentleMax Pro Plus
Works best on fine and residual hair
The Leading American Aesthetic Device Company, Candela

Sole PREMIUM PARTNER of Candela Hong Kong
Provides Professional and Safe Hair Removal Treatment

Being the closest partner of No.1 American Aesthetic Device Company, Candela, MediLASE owns the largest quantity of Candela laser devices in Hong Kong and the Region. We were also certified as the highest usage of top DCD™cooling usage for the last 5 consecutive years. In 2021, MediLASE was officially awarded as the PREMIUM PARTNER by Candela, the one and only one in Hong Kong.

Top Professional Authentication

Hong Kong No.1 and Global No.5 Cryogen Usage Top Professional Authentication
No.1 Quantity of Candela Hair Removal Devices
Hong Kong No.1 and Global No.5 Cryogen Usage
Global Top 5 Usage of Cryogen
All devices have been certified the Candela maintenance certificate
(Device number 9914-9030-1341 to 9914-9040-1261) *This is ranked from 2015 to 2020, calculated according to inspection and actual usage

MediLASE has established the Clinical Centre of Expertise (CCOE) which is exclusive in Hong Kong, with Candela as the clinical support advisor. Team members of CCOE have over 15 years of experience in laser-based treatments.They are dedicated to inventing and improving laser treatments, which contributes to attaining the official certification of Candela.

360° Laser Treatment Care
100% Guarantee Customers’ Safety
Before Treatment

Scientific Laser Test


Ensure Treatments Quality
During Treatment

Personalized Treatment Timetable

Fulfill the Perfect Skin Promise
After Treatment

24-hour Treatment Support

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